The Griffin Arts Festival 2019 took place from the 24 June – 5 July, and explored the theme ‘Green Planet: Protecting Our World’.

We are living in a world which is being mistreated. Many schools are situated on roads or in areas where the air quality is harmfully poor. Species are dying out. The sea is full of plastic and acidifying. We are living through crisis and to ignore the fact is tantamount to wilful negligence.

What do we do?

It takes people with great courage, when to act seems to demand more energy than we have, and yet all of us need to keep questioning the status quo.
We all want to know why enough isn’t happening to protect the world now. This year, children from across the world have demonstrated their concerns by ‘striking.’

What do we do?

We must all voice our concerns, and help them to be heard. We must all take every opportunity to reverse the mistakes of the past.

This year of focus on ‘Green Planet: Protecting our World,’ has seen Science and learning themed on how to heal our planet. But this is just a beginning; we need to create a sustainable future for the generations to come.

London Residential

As part of the London Griffin Arts Festival, 21 Year 10 and Sixth Form students, along with members of staff from every GST school, accompanied the 100 Year 5 students to London and took part in an immersive timetable aimed at enriching their cultural understanding and broadening their artistic heritage. Due to the success of 2018’s residential, the students and staff camped out at Willow Brook Primary for four days, where the school transformed to give a festival feeling.

What’s On

The 2019 Programme is available to view online or as download in .PDF format.

GAF 2019 Brochure