Time has flown by since this article in March heralded the launch of our poster competition, inviting secondary students across the Trust to design a piece of art that would be the basis for the poster for this year’s Griffin Arts Festival (GAF).

The result is in and congratulations are in order for Chloe Johnson, a year 9 Nicholas Chamberlaine student, whose design has been chosen. The theme ‘Green Planet- Protecting our World’ provoked a huge number of competition entries this year and the standard was exceptionally high. This year’s winner used photography as the medium for her artwork and her inspiration came from her concern about the perilous state of the habitats that sea life creatures have to endure.

 When Chloe was congratulated by Senior Leaders from Nicholas Chamberlaine School and the Griffin Schools Trust, she reported that she was delighted to have won and couldn’t wait to travel to London to see her how her work has inspired young artists and green planet campaigners in all our GST schools.

 Congratulations again! And to all the young artists- your work has inspired us all.

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