Our 5th Griffin Arts Festival was, once again, a spectacular event. Through a fortnight of inspirational and enjoyable cultural experiences, Griffins across the age range shared their beliefs and explored key world issues through the theme of Protest.

Providing a range of real and purposeful opportunities for the children to express themselves is a vital part of a Griffin experience. The children embraced working together as well as with a host of talented artistic professionals who provided such creative, high quality sessions.

In addition to collaborating together with their Griffin peers in their residential London festival, each school held their own celebration where they welcomed people from their own local communities to key events.

From African Drumming in Medway, to Shaking up Shakespeare in East London, Bramford Art Gallery in the Midlands to a collaborative opera, the children were real artists, writers, actors, dancers and musicians.

The week ended with a spectacular Night at The Proms concert. The imaginative programme included performances by the pupils, the London Gay Symphonic Winds and staff.

We would like to thank all the staff for their hard work and sleepless nights, we wouldn’t have made it as big as we have if it wasn’t for you all cooperating so well together.

A true Griffin celebration in true Griffin style.


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