Yesterday was the last day of this year’s London GAF, and we have to say that this year has definitely proven itself to be the best year yet! The Griffin School Trust Schools have been involved in a variety of exhilarating and informative activities to express the importance of the arts and why the world is a much more beautiful place with them.

We feel as a trust that the aims for GAF have been accomplished and the pupils have expanded their knowledge on the arts and why there is such an importance for them in the world.

The trust is one big family made from the different schools in the Midlands and South East. Although the schools are apart from each other, we wanted the pupils to see what the other schools were up to through a Flickr account which was created. Each school had access to this account which allowed them to upload pictures of how they were enjoying GAF. Loads of pictures came through, creating a special gallery for this years GAF.

We would like to thank all the staff for their hard work and sleepless nights, we wouldn’t have made it as big as we have if it wasn’t for you all cooperating so well together. After such a successful GAF this year, we will of course take the feedback and ensure next year will be even bigger, and even better!

Have a look at the gallery below to view just a few of the many pictures taken for GAF 2017!

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