The Night At The Proms was the perfect culmination of the London Griffins Art Festival. It was full of events, performances and most importantly, smiley faces.

The prestigious evening was attended by 10 lucky students who won an art competition in each GST school, as well as Head teachers, Trustees and staff who helped ensure the evening was smooth-running. To open the event, refreshments were served whilst everyone took a visit to the school’s art gallery set in the foyer. The Gallery was set in a welcoming and professional way that featured the winning art works from the students in year 5. Shortly after, the pre-prom concert commenced which held a range of performances from the secondary students at Nicholas Chamberlain and Stantonbury Campus. This included aspiring singers, dancers and more.

The headline act of the evening was the The London Gay Symphonic Winds: a LGBT wind orchestra of around 40 woodwind, brass, and percussion players based in central London. The musical standard in the band ranges from around Grade 5 through to Grade 8. Their focus is on achieving a high musical standard while also providing a friendly, non-judgmental place for LGBT musicians (and our friends) to improve their musicianship.

They perform three full solo concerts a year and at events within the LGBT community, like Pride in London, as well as in the broader community at events like Lewisham People’s Day, summer concerts in London parks, and have even performed for the launch of Pride House for the 2012 Olympics. You will regret not seeing them in concert for sure!

The highlight of the performance was the waving of flags during a chorus on the song Pomp and Circumstance by E. Elgar. The atmosphere however during the final song (Jerusalem, the Griffins Trust anthem) had everyone feeling proud and united as we all stood and sung the lyrics together.

Overall the evening was a beautiful ending to the London GAF and a perfect representation on the trust and what we stand for. Just before the pupils slept at Willow Brook primary school that night, a poem was recited to the students and parents by Valerie Bloom, a talented poet.

We would like to thank everyone who has kindly donated their time in order to make The Night At The Proms as special as it has been. We can’t wait for what next year will bring!

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