Griffin Arts Festival 2015

By 16th July 2016 January 24th, 2017 News

This year’s Griffin Arts Festival (GAF) took place between 29 June and 10 July. The theme was ‘identity’ and all of the schools in the Trust had an opportunity to showcase children’s experiences of the creative process and to create identity themed items and displays.
Over the two weeks, schools participated in the GAF in their individual ways by creating displays, putting on performances, going on excursions, welcoming guests into school, creating and drawing masks, using natural elements to create self-portraits, using old objects to create centre pieces of art and much, much more.

On the last day of the GAF, Friday 10 July, schools had the opportunity to come together in a shared showcase, where they could learn from each other – to share between schools – and to celebrate the learning and outcomes from each schools ‘Arts Festival’.
The Trust would like to thank everyone who took part in the GAF this year and for the dedication shown in ensuring that all children got to participate in the exciting activities that took place across all schools.