The third annual GAF (Griffin Arts Festival) is bristling with safety pins

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Our trust is proud of its international make up with staff and students from all over the world enriching one another’s lives.

We applaud the idea of wearing a safety pin to show immigrants they are welcome in and important to our country.The #SafetyPin, trending on Twitter, has seen thousands of UK citizens support the movement by wearing one. The symbol was chosen for its simplicity because they don’t need to be bought and they are not associated with any political affiliation.

Almost all of us arrived here somewhere between the first and the twenty first century so we share an immigrant heritage and hopefully a record of having made a contribution to the diverse, energetic and open-minded place that the UK is today, or was until the recent referendum decision was used by a small minority to legitimise hateful behaviour. Since last week, reported hate crimes have increased by 57%.

The GST family condemns such behaviour. We stand unanimously for proud traditions and wide horizons. All our pupils and staff are encouraged to show those principles by wearing safety pins so that our communities are given strength in the knowledge that we all belong here. We are made safer by diversity and recent arrivals deserve our support in feeling secure.

This week we celebrate our third GAF whose theme is Our Journey. What could be more timely?

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