Griffin Arts Festival 2016

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This year’s theme is ‘Our Journey’.


During week 1, day one will see the launch of the Griffin Arts Festival in every school. Performers have been invited to perform and children are exposed to improvised classical renditions. Each GST school will aim to replicate the London GAF, to expose students to a wide variety of arts venues and to introduce them to different art forms. Schools will be encouraged to seek out local places of cultural interest and initiate arts partnerships.

During the London GAF, Willow Brook and Riverley will again be hosts for the visiting students and staff and a separate timetable of activities will be followed, with a formal performance and ‘Night at The Proms’ taking place in the evening of Thursday 30th June.

Week 2 will see all GST schools host their own off-timetable arts week. Teachers will join visiting artists to run workshops inspired by the theme in a range of art forms. Students will participate in various creative workshops; which will encourage students to work through a creative process and develop their artistic understanding.