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The Griffin Arts Festival 2017 will
take place this summer
and explore the theme ‘Utopia - how can we make the world a better place?’


Read about the exciting things going
on during GAF past and present.


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Nicholas Chamberlaine

Park Lane

Perry Wood

Race Leys


Saxon Way

SC Shield


Willow Brook

The Griffin Arts Festivals 2017 will take place from the 26 June – 7 July Read more

“I will not be "famous," "great." I will go on adventuring, changing, opening my mind and my eyes, refusing to be stamped and stereotyped. The thing is to free one's self: to let it find its dimensions, not be impeded.”

Virgina Wolf

“Nobody owns anything but everyone is rich - for what greater wealth can there be than cheerfulness, peace of mind, and freedom from anxiety?”

Thomas More

"Why hurry over beautiful things? Why not linger and enjoy them?"

Clara Schumann

“We did not ask if he had seen any monsters, for monsters have ceased to be news. There is never any shortage of horrible creatures who prey on human beings, snatch away their food, or devour whole populations; but examples of wise social planning are not so easy to find.”

Thomas More

Latest News

Read about the exciting things going on during GAF past and present.

The Griffin Arts Festival London Experience

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A key part of the Griffin Arts Festival is the 3 day London Experience. Take a look at our new film and learn more about the GAF London Experience.

Griffin Arts Festival 2015

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This year’s Griffin Arts Festival (GAF) took place between 29 June and 10 July. The theme was ‘identity’ and all of the schools in the Trust had an opportunity to…

Race Leys Celebrates the Griffin Arts Festival

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Race Leys is providing their students with a journey around the world for GAF. Students have been experiencing different cultures and art in the classrooms they have visited. They have made…

Thank You and Goodbye

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Sadly the 3 day London residential has come to an end for 2016. All 130 students and their GAF Leads will be returning home this afternoon after having helped explore…